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NOBLE, Sir Ian Andrew

NOBLE, Sir Ian Andrew

Sir Iain Andrew Noble, 3rd Baronet of Ardkinglas and Eilean Iarmain is a landowner in the Isle of Skye
Born in Berlin but seeks to portray himself as desperately Gaelic.

Director of the infamous Skye Bridge Trust
Ex-Chair Skye Bridge Co;
Ex-Chair Noble Group;
Noble Grossart, etc .

Bought the foreshore at Skye Crossing and had to be compensated handsomely with public money so that the arch could ‘pass over’, which looked incredibly like 'insider dealing! Easments of this ilk are usually not unlawful but can only be seen as 'sharp practice' and morally reprehensible by most civilised folk, only fractionally less reprehensible than lawyers who make a practice of exploiting clients and specialising in the expoitation of widows and orphans or as the more 'cunning' do exploiting the weaker party in divorce cases. Scotland being rife with such behaviour where the Courts treat women, in the main, in a manner which makes Extreme Islam seem like a matriacle belief structure!

A Racist, Sir Iain was born in Berlin in 1935 and educated in Shanghai, Buenos Aires and in England at Eton College and at University College, Oxford. His family came from Argyllshire, he said, but he moved to Skye in 1972 after he bought the estate of Fearann Eilean Iarmain in the south of the island.
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A noted Scottish Gaelic language activist.

Son of a British diplomat

in Argentina, before attending Eton and Oxford University.

From a family of bankers and began his career by establishing a merchant bank in Scotland Noble Grossart with Angus Grossart.

He sold his share in 1972 and used the proceeds to buy the MacDonald Estates in Skye.
He has since developed many business interests on Skye and elsewhere, including:
Hotel Eilean Iarmain
and the whisky company Praban na Linne which produces a vatted malt whisky called Poit Dhubh (literally the "Black Pot" or "Illicit Still". The company also produces two blends, Tè Bheag nan Eilean ("small one of the islands") and MacnaMara (the "Son of the Sea").

Not a native Gaelic speaker Noble became an enthusiastic learner of the language and used his position as landowner to support the language, introducing an employment policy of positive discrimination in favour of Gaelic speakers.

He was directly responsible for the erection of the first Gaelic road signs in Scotland, and the holder of the first ever Gaelic cheque book, issued for him by the Bank of Scotland; both of these were innovatons which have had a very significant impact.

Noble was the original founder of the Gaelic medium college Sabhal Mòr Ostaig which is located in Sleat, Skye. The original "Large Hall" (the Talla Mhòr) was part of the MacDonald estates.

It is believed that Sir Ian now has the incrementally destructive brain disease known as Parkinson's Disease.

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