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The SPEC. For the 207th Session 2001-2002

The SPEC. For the 207th Session 2001-2002

The Roll of The Office-Bearers and Ordinary Members of
The Speculative Society of Edinburgh For the 207th Session 2001-2002.

Current Officers:

J.M.Barne.(Johnathan Michael, Solicitor with Shepherd & Wedderburn, Saltire Court, Edinburgh)

Secretary: E.C.R. Hollis (Edward, Architect,Lecturer,Media Arts,MerchistonCampus,NapierUni)
Librarian: C. E. Duthie?

Ordinary Members:
W. J. Frain-Bell (William, Advocate;Tory Cand.1997;Mem.YoungIntArbPractGp;Ed.FirmMagazine)

R. E. C. Johnson (B.Sc.)
R. M. Wilkins (B.A. MSc)
J. M. Barne. (B.A. LL.B.Solicitor, see above)
W. M. D.Mercer (Walter, Advocate,VisLecUniAberdeen; Mem. PrivacyLaw Comm, Law Soc Scotland )
R. S. Curtis?
F.G. A. Ogilvy (BSc.)
J. M. N. McLeod?
C. A. Heggie. (LL.B. Solicitor, Bell & Scott, 16 Hill Street, Edinburgh, EH2 3LD )
J. P. Anderson (B.A.)
P. V. P. Blackledge.(B.mus)
R. E. I. Fitch (M.A.)
C. E. Duthie (M.A.)
E. J. Mackie (LL.B.)
E. F. McVicar (Euan Forbes,Solicitor, Associate, McGrigor Donald, advised BOSonPFI/PPPschemes)

L. Butler (B.A. M.A. P.h.D.)
M. A. Stuart. (Michael Albert, BA.LL.B.Solicitor, Maclay Murray Spens,)
D. M. G. Duncan. (LL.B.)
A.M. Learmont. (Advocate,Tutor in Evidence,University of Edinburgh; C/O Susan Hastie, F.A.)
A.J. Cosser. (LL.B.)
J. B. S. Thompson. (LL.B)
J. A. G. Graham (M.A M.Phil.)
A. Murray Threapland (M.S.C)
S. Z. K. Mercer-Wood?
R. D. Whiteman. (M.Phil; Minister of the Scottish Episcopalian Church,Sec. for the 208th Session)

Granted non-residing privileges more than one year ago:
G.M.Tytherleigh-Strong (Physician)

Chronological order List of Members who have been gifted with 'Honorary Privileges’

12 October 1954 HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh*
2 July 1975 Ivor Reginald Guild, CBE, W.S. FRSE, (Ex-Senior Partner in Shepherd & Wedderburn)

2 July 1975 Professor Alan Watson*(Head of Law, University of Georgia, School of Law)
15 October 1980. Sir John Burnett*^(Deputy Chair, Nature Conservancy Council)
16 December 1987. Sir David Smith*^(Chosen as one of 10 person panel to appoint the Judiciary)

23 June 1989. Rt Hon Lord Mackay of Clashfern PC. (Knight of The Order of The Thistle)
9 February 1994. Professor Geoffrey Barrow*(Professor of History at the University of Edinburgh)
29 November 1995. Professor Sir Stewart Sutherland*^(Principal of the University of Edinburgh)
13 January 1999. Allan Massie*(Journalist and Author)
10 January 2001.Rt Hon Lord Hope of Craighead PC (Law Lord, Ex-Lord President of the Ct.O.Ses.)

13 March 2002.The Very Rev. Gilleasbuig MacMillan*(Minister of St Giles Cathedral)
* Not previously Members of the Society
^ Principals of Edinburgh University

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